General information

The dormitory and the school can be found in the same building. In the dormitory we provide accommodation mainly for our own pupils. Our pupils live in cosy four-bed rooms in convenient conditions. Two bedrooms share a bathroom, a kitchenette and a hall that has fitted wardrobes. On both floors of the dormitory there is a lounge and a kitchen.

Our pupils’ most important duty is studying. All of them are required to use the study room for at least one session every day. At this time the calm atmosphere is guaranteed. The preparation is facilitated by the library as well as the computer lab on the first floor. The pupils can also ask the dormitory teachers for help. The dormitory teachers know the pupils’ personality, skills and grades so they may let them skip study room sessions for various reasons.

We put classmates in the same study group, if possible, so that they can prepare for their lessons more efficiently. At the end of each session the dormitory teachers make sure that the pupils have learnt what they should have. We find dealing with talented children and helping weak students equally essential.

We celebrate all major events at school and the dormitory is also responsible for organising one national holiday a year. Moreover, we have an annual table tennis championship, and playing football in the gym is gaining popularity.

Most of our pupils feel at home so much that they often choose to stay in the dormitory at weekends instead of visiting their families.